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The game takes a somewhat direct approach to the given theme to pay homage to the film of the same name "A Trip to the Moon" (1902) by Georges Méliès and with the merit of being one of the first fictional films made and becoming one of the the fundamentals of cinema as such. The game itself is simple and enjoyable, but I find its true value in retaking that imaginary and using it for what I consider a very good adaptation of the movie.

Very nice little platformer!

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good jobs

It's good! I like the artwork and the ending is very satisfying. It is a bit short though.


Your game was the first up in my video! It was really charming play on the film. Loved the sound and character designs. It came together really well. Nice touch with the insert letting us aim at the moon. I don't know if there were supposed to be borders around the game where some of the assets stuck out or if that was just on my end and I would've liked the little guy to jump a tiny bit higher. Other than that, really nice work for a short game!


My full playthrough! Please be sure to give it a view & a share, also consider subscribing if you like what you see! 🌙



Awesome job at creating a cartoonish version of one of the most famous short films in history. This was fun and funny enough, I've been taking a community college class where we went over Georges Méliès.

Deleted post

Anyone tried it with macOS Catalina? It will not start on my mac, unfortunately.

hello! have you tried the version called "post deadline"?

Thanks, did not see it! Really cool looking game!

thank you!!! It means a lot :)


Beautifully done game. It got me to actually watch the film for the first time as well before playing, and you did a wonderful job of capturing moments from the film while still allowing for your own interpretions of it. Just an all around excellent little piece.

looks great!!

Absolutely beautiful game, good work.


The game is absolutely amazing. A pure work of art. Loved the movie, love the game even more.


Absolutely blown away by this game, great job! I want so much more!!

Wow! It's so cool atmosphere from this game. You did my day! Now I have great mood =)

now I'm in a good mood too then haha

Beautiful art. Great music. Simple and enjoyable history. Perfect for a chill afternoon.
Loved it!

awesome! thanks :)

Short but sweet. Love the art style of this game. A full length game in this style would be incredible. LOVED IT!!!


haha many thanks! Well It's not planned, but my next project will be a full length game, so hopefully you might like it too :)



This looks amazing! May I ask how you did create the retro film grain effect?

Thanks!! Well it's super easy, just out of the box unity post processing effect (vignette, Bloom and grain with a tiiiiny bit of chromatic aberration)

Getting stuck on blue screen after the character gets into bullet/ship Ubuntu(20.04)

Ah! THX for the feedback i'll check this when I Will have access to a Linux pc

I have seen you 2 other posts about it, Linux version has been removed

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Very beautiful!

Thank you!

Awesome game! Especially graphics! 


Greetings brother. This game was really a masterpiece. The graphics and gameplay was really enjoyable. I am really looking forward for more like these. Keep it up. 


Thanks so Much!!




Really good  game, though the controls were a bit awkward for me. I think you nailed the style you were going for.


oh and you had this visual bug too where we see on the sides. yeah, I wish I had more time to refine the controls :/ maybe in a later fix

Yeah, I still don't know how to fix the bug 

Looks fun.


Maybe I'll try this game sometime.

This game is absolutely wonderful!

From the art to the gameplay, the music, sound design and story!

Knowing you did that in just one month, it’s HUGE!

Hey thanks a lot! yeah it was a lot of work haha! 

为啥用MacBook pro没法打开啊?

mmmmh... 你OS



hahahaha your video was super fun to watch

Hey there really nice game! 

-Awesome Graphics & Cut-Scenes 

-Good Gameplay & very nice music! 


Find my video review below:

00:15 A Trip To The Moon

I'm glad you liked it! The video is a bit dark for some reason, it increases this "old movie" feeling hehe

Deleted 3 years ago

thanks for sharing!

I like the cinematic B/W style, I would like to see a longer version, Well Done! Gamed on M1 Mac mini


thanks for playing the game!

Played your game on our stream and loved it!

If you wanna see us play we have a vod.

Timecode 04:14:14


I laughed so much during the stream. Thanks for playing it! If you wanna know, it's the right Justine Instagram you found :) she did the very first background of the city, the background in the King's castle and the UI.

I did the rest, except some audio loop samples taken from Erik Satie (Gymnopedie etc.)

Really great game! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check my video.


awesome! good video, I like that you edited to enhance the rythm. ParaLunar is a good pick too ;)


Beautiful art and good gameplay!! Good job!


This is really good. The visuals are outstanding. Liked the sound too!

wow thanks!

Simple in design but with a very well executed feel. I really enjoyed it.

Congratulations to the authors!

Yeah,  wanted to keep it simple enough to focus on the story :) thank you!

lovely! what a cool concept

thank you!! Well the movie already is a platformer right ;)

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